Angkor Wat symbolizes the cosmos according to the Hindu religion. Angkor Wat the largest, is preserved best and, without question is one of the more seizing monuments of Angkor. It was probably built like funerary temple of Suryavarman II in the honor of vishnu.


Angkor Wat is single among the other monuments of Angkor. Its westerly orientation  in particular, is akin to the West symbolizing death. Many specialists have drawn this conclusion about Angkor Wat This theory was supported by the splendid low-reliefs of the temple and this practice finds its origin clans within the Hindu funerary rites. Vishnu is also often associated with the West.  Angkor Wat has in fact played a double role for many people , that of temple and mausoleum of Suryavarman II. 

Angkor Wat  had its 1st movie debut in 1964 when Peter Otoole played  (Lord Jim) . Recently Angkor Wat was used in the movie "Tomb Raider". No guns were allowed on the set for fear of damage to the temple.


 Many wall carvings depict soldiers marching on to defend their territory