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Make no mistake about it Cambodia has many hidden dangers amidst a wealth of treasure
10 million land mines remain throughout the varied landscape.

Cambodia with all its beauty has always been witness to war

Today the Cambodian flag proudly displays the unification of the 3 towers representing  
""Nation, Religion and King"

At its peak in the 12th and 13 centuries Angkor Cambodia is estimated to have sustained a population of about 750,000. This massive labor force enabled a succession of Khmer Kings to create entire cities in honor of themselves and their gods, all within the Siem Reap region. 
The scale and scope of this vast sacred building project has no equal in the history of humankind and the passing of time has only heighten the symbolic power of this , the exquisite stone heart of the Khmer people. Travel with Indiana Freuler as he uncovers the secrets of a thousand years


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Elevation extremes: 
lowest point: gulf of Thailand 0 m
highest point: Phnom Aoral is the country's highest mountain at 1,813 meters